sreda, 02. oktober 2019, Slovenija, Open Call for Seed Stage Startups

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We will select and support up to 10 Seed-stage Startups from programme region with an intensive 5-day investment readiness programme and a DEMO Day with active international investors. 
Are you in the process of developing your startup company?Do you need help with developing and production of your prototype, testing of the business model, searching for potential customers, forging connections with potential investors and business partners?We have prepared an effective 5-day program for you, where we will help you to perfect your presentation and connect you with the right stakeholders of the crossborder startup ecosystem of the Slovenian and Austrian region.
What will you get?

Intensive 5-day investment readiness programme, that will be held by experts from different key fields of startup development (product development, business plan development, IP protection, innovative marketing strategy, access to financing, startup presentations for investors, negotiation with investors, investment contracts and other legal challenges,...)

8 hours of individual consulting from two dedicated expert consultants, one from Slovenia and one from Austria,

Organization of crossborder presentations in front of international investors on the DEMO Day, with active international investors,

Up to 20 hours of support from Startup AA project team, to provide them with: searching and networking with potential investors and other stakeholders of the crossborder startup ecosystem, support in finding new startup team members from Slovenia and Austria, intensive promotion of the startup business offer to cross-border regions covered by the Start:up Alpe Adria platform.

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Open Call for Seed Stage Startups, Slovenija dogodek

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